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Pieria is like going to your favourite cafe, if your favourite cafe is frequented by some of the brightest people in their field; discussing and debating the big issues of the day, a melting pot of ideas, disciplines and points of view. It’s an ongoing conversation and we’ve designed the site to reflect this.

The main navigation is divided between macro and micro sections, which together give a rounded overview of what’s going on right now in the economy.

On the homepage you will find the daily ‘HOT TOPICS’ and is a good starting point for exploring the site.

The other main section of the site is our EXPERTS section.

We think of our experts as our black book, but it’s your black book also, and it’s woven into the fabric of the site. It works something like this: Experts have their own profile pages where you will find all of their articles, books and journals. They publish material straight to the site and our editorial team curates these where relevant into our homepage and feature stories, linking back to the original document for readers who want more than an overview. It’s a bit more involved in practice, but that’s it in a nutshell.

And if you want to explore topics in even more depth, then each article is accompanied by recommended reading from our experts, of either books or journals. You can search the LIBRARY for all of the latest and most popular books, and feel free to help us build our bookshelves and let us know in the comment sections which books we may have missed.


More than ever it seems that there isn’t enough time to read everything that you should or would like to read. So we’ve created the news Dashboard to make it easy for you to instantly save articles and books to come back to later.

So if you've come across an interesting article or book but don’t have time to read it in full, then just click the icon at the top right of the article and it’s saved straight to your reading list or bookshelf. And if you have specific areas of interest then you can also ‘follow’ topics, sections and individual experts to receive live updates to your ‘my feed’ section. Consider the news dashboard your own personal homepage.

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